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[Bug-apl] defining new operator

From: Fausto Saporito
Subject: [Bug-apl] defining new operator
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 12:42:54 +0200

Hello all,

sorry if I bother you again, but I tried to find some hints in the APL2 Language Reference Manual without luck.

In the Sullivan's paper, there's the reference to a "scan" operator quite fast more suited to be used with his multi precision package.
This is its definition:

∇ z←(F scan)x;y

z,←⊂y←y F⊃x 

the "!" is the branch arrow.

Now the problem is with GNU APL I cannot define this operator, cause I don't know how to specify F is a function not a variable.

is there a way to do that ? 



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