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[Bug-apl] Summary info on configure

From: Blake McBride
Subject: [Bug-apl] Summary info on configure
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 07:46:12 -0600


When building GNU-APL, the first thing you do is ./configure.  The configure script figures out what type of machine you have and what libraries are present.  Missing libraries are avoided so that the system still builds.  All this is great.  The problem is as follows.

Various GNU APL facilities are eliminated when their required libraries are missing.  The problem is, this largely occurs without notification.  Rather than understanding that certain libraries were missing and that certain features will be missing, the system happily builds regardless.  I'd like to know when I forgot to load a particular library.  I could then decide whether that is fine or I should load the library and rebuild.

What some systems do is the end of the ./configure process prints a short list specifying either that all the libraries were present, or it will show what optional libraries were missing.

For example, a few of the libraries I'd like to know about include:

There may be more.

I understand that the massive output of the ./configure script includes this information, but it is lost in all of its other output.  I am suggesting that configure provide a summary of missing libraries at the end.


Blake McBride

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