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Re: [Bug-apl] Why disable ⍎')load WS'?

From: Juergen Sauermann
Subject: Re: [Bug-apl] Why disable ⍎')load WS'?
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2014 14:55:58 +0100
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Hi Blake,

It was disabled because otherwise - as you have noticed - it would crash.

The reason is that )LOAD (but also )SIC and )CLEAR) clears the SI while it is  still in use for returning
the result of ⍎ and other things. There is no clean way to do this.

You might consider )COPY instead of )LOAD because )LOAD would also kill the function that executes the ⍎')LOAD ws'

/// Jürgen

On 11/14/2014 11:00 PM, Blake McBride wrote:

I see the last update disabled execute of )LOAD.  (I also noticed the prior version corrupted memory on it.)   IMO, getting this working would be real helpful.  Sometime I have a really large workspace.  I can split it up into several workspaces and execute a )LOAD to get to the desired functionality.  Also, with execute )LOAD I can have a startup workspace that provides a menu of applications.  When the user selects which application they want I can execute a )LOAD.

It would really be valuable to get this working.



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