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[Bug-apl] akt 1.1

From: David B. Lamkins
Subject: [Bug-apl] akt 1.1
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 23:50:47 -0700

I've updated akt to version 1.1.


The significant changes since 1.0 are:

1. Ctrl-C causes akt to signal SIGINT to the process on the receiving
end of the output pipe.
2. Ctrl-C quits akt if its output is not piped.
3. akt exits when the process on the receiving end of the output pipe
4. NUL characters (Ctrl-@, Ctrl-` or Ctrl-space) are now passed through
to the output.
5. You can now type a bare ESC. (Use akt with vi, if you like.)
6. You can no longer use ESC as a prefix key. Set your terminal emulator
to map Alt to an ESC prefix.
7. Corrected three improperly mapped APL characters.

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