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[Bug-apl] Calling a function and assigning result corrupts result

From: Elias Mårtenson
Subject: [Bug-apl] Calling a function and assigning result corrupts result
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2014 00:35:24 +0800

This one is hard to explain, so I was about to attach a workspace that reproduces the error.

However... As I tried to do a )SAVE to save the workspace, the interpreter crashed and of course I was editing functions directly in the workspace so they weren't saved. I'll rewrite it so I can show you.

For now, take a look at the crash report:

Assertion failed: sub_idx < values.size()
in Function:      save
in file:          Archive.cc:743

Call stack:

-- Stack trace at Archive.cc:743
0x7f95e7e21de5 __libc_start_main
0x434165  main
0x51c42d   Workspace::immediate_execution(bool)
0x46123d    Command::process_line()
0x460e9f     Command::process_line(UCS_string&)
0x51f33e      Workspace::save_WS(std::ostream&, std::vector<UCS_string, std::allocator<UCS_string> >&)
0x44056c       XML_Saving_Archive::save()
0x4429cf        do_Assert(char const*, char const*, char const*, int)

SI stack:

Depth:    1
Exec:     0x7f95c40030d8
Pmode:    ∇ disploop[5]
PC:       22 ←
Stat:     disp ← '.#'[1+S]
err_code: 0x50005
thrown:   at Value.cc:1033
e_msg_1:  'INDEX ERROR'
e_msg_2:  'disploop[5]  disp←'.#'[1+S]'
e_msg_3:  '                  ^   ^'

Depth:    0
Exec:     0x18a9cb0
Pmode:    ◊  10 disploop DD
PC:       3 ENDL
Stat:     10 disploop DD
err_code: 0x0
thrown:   at StateIndicator.cc:39
e_msg_1:  'No Error'
e_msg_2:  ''
e_msg_3:  ''

*** immediate_execution() caught other exception ***


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