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Re: [Bug-apl] Question regarding the power operator (as in Dyalog APL)

From: Juergen Sauermann
Subject: Re: [Bug-apl] Question regarding the power operator (as in Dyalog APL)
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 14:57:16 +0100
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Hi Thomas,

currently the power operator is not on my TODO list. I may implement it
at some point in time, but the mere fact that it is described in "Mastering Dyalog APL"
- which is a very good book - does not suffice.

In most cases the power operator can be replaced with a simple loop (I know that the functional programmers don't like that :-) ) or by the EACH operator, eg.


/// Jürgen

On 02/18/2014 01:15 PM, address@hidden wrote:

as a newbie to APL, I bought "Mastering Dyalog APL" in order to discover
the language; I am aware that several variants exist, and I want to use
GNU APL as much as possible because of its license.

Coming from functional programming and J, I miss the "power" operator
which is described in "Mastering Dyalog APL" and which does exist in J.
In Dyalog APL, the symbol ⍣ (U2363) is mapped to such a feature, which is
very useful for some "loopless pieces of code" as well as for inserting
some "inline" conditional structures.

Do you think such an operator may be implemented in GNU APL as well?

Best regards,

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