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[Bug-apl] Bug in workspace XML files

From: Elias Mårtenson
Subject: [Bug-apl] Bug in workspace XML files
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 00:54:06 +0800

The workspace XML files that are saved when issuing the )SAVE command have some problems.

First of all, the file is terminated with a series of NUL bytes. I'm not sure that's allowed by the XML spec, but it does suggest there is a problem when saving the file (I haven't investigated the code that does this writing).

Secondly, the begin-tag for SI-entry is closed, when it shouldn't be:

  <StateIndicator levels="1">
    <SI-entry level="-1" pc="1" line="0"/>
        <UCS uni="²R"/>
      <Parser assign-pending="0" lookahead-high="0">

As you can see, the SI-entry tag is closed (it has a trailing /) when it's actually supposed to contain the Statements and Parser nodes.


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