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a2ps 4.14.95 and Debian

From: Roland Rosenfeld
Subject: a2ps 4.14.95 and Debian
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2023 19:09:22 +0100
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First of all many thanks for actively maintaining a2ps again.  I use
the program for approx. 30 years now and I am very happy to see it
being alive again!

I tried to adapt the Debian package to 4.14.95 and think about taking
over Debian maintainership for the package.
As a first step I build a GIT repo (see
https://salsa.debian.org/roland/a2ps/-/tree/alpha) and stripped all
Debian patches, that are now contained in 4.14.95, only 2.5 of them
survived, see

In contrast to Bruno Haibles testing summary, two of the tests still
fail on my systems with Debian 11 and Debian unstable: encoding.tst
and prolog-2.tst, both with the same root cause:
 %%DocumentMedia: A4 ...
is expected, but
 %%DocumentMedia: a4 ...
(note lower case "a") is found.

I'm not sure, what this is triggered by, but this issue also existed
with old 4.14 version.

While trying to build the package with Debian 11 I noted that "lp2"
seems to be missing in one of the a2ps.texi menus.  makeinfo as of
Debian 11 seems to fail on this, while the one from Debian unstable
accepts this.  But you may want to add the missing line (patch

I'll try to optimize the Debian a2ps package and expect some bug
reports and/or patches to be created by this process.  Is this mailing
list the correct place for those?  As far as I can see, the GNU patch
tracker is read only, but it seems that I could open "Support
requests" :-)


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