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Re: [Brad] Help:Setting up a radiance system--brad

From: Thomas Bleicher
Subject: Re: [Brad] Help:Setting up a radiance system--brad
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 22:05:07 +0100

Thanks Steve.

I'm sorry we didn't have time to reply earlier. At the moment I don't know if there is a quick and easy fix for the first error. The second error looks more like a problem of the Blender API. Nothing should be able to crash Blender, whatever you do in the Python script.

Thanks for testing.


On 20 May 2007, at 14:31, steve michel wrote:

FYI bug report
Two items will consistently cause an error in brad:
1- In blender, appending some object(s) will result in a bounding box error message when rad -o x11 is run with exported frame from brad.
[CODE]$rad: error reading bounding cube from getinfo[CODE]

2-switching on or off selected layer(s) from brad's settings will cause brad+blender to crash and exit with no warning.
my setup:
brad 0.2
python 2.4
blender 2.43
on Ubuntu 5.04 linux


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