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Re: [Brad] Blender 2.42 with HDR support

From: Thomas Bleicher
Subject: Re: [Brad] Blender 2.42 with HDR support
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 00:08:02 +0200

On 27 Jul 2006, at 22:48, Thomas Bleicher wrote:

Good news:

Blender 2.42 will support OpenEXR and Radiance RGBE images.

Good news indeed!

I just finished a material browser for bliff/brad and it's
really sweet to be able to use any *.pic file as input without
the need to convert the image to jpeg or similar.

In fact, since PIL does still not support HDRI, Blender is the
more powerful "image module" and there is at least one situation
where the old code which used PIL to manipulate the image data
will crash when fed with an HDRI image file. I'll have to rethink
my approach to image handling in general.

I have not discovered any other changes in the API. All bliff
modules and classes I have tested worked out of the box. Some
obscure bugs may happen; but that's no news anyway.

Enjoy Blender!


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