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[Brad] new interface snapshot available

From: Thomas Bleicher
Subject: [Brad] new interface snapshot available
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 22:58:57 +0200

Hi Francesco, hi everyone.

I have updated my home page with an new snapshot of the
Blender interface stuff. It still needs some polishing
but the essentials should work.

zip archive and screenshots are available at

I think I found a way to allow small interface units
("frames" at the current state) to interact with each
other and the Blender scene without much passing around
of class instances. The concept is presented in Alex
Martellis "Python Cookbook" as "Borg (Non-)Pattern".

It basic idea is that all instances of one class share
the same data (like dictionary instances as __dict__).
Every change in one class effects all other classes as
well. I use this for the config, session log and id counter
in the interface.

This can be used as well to have every instance of a scene
wrapper refer to the same Blender scene and its objects. If
this would be the base of the interface only one Blender scene
could be edited/exported at one time. I think that's a limitation
we can live with and would like to start implementing the base
classes if no one else has a better idea.

I don't think that a final solution is near, though. The
next Blender update will likely change much of the API and
the changes will not be done with only one update. I don't
care much about work-in-progress releases of the interface
but core parts should have a stable API at their base.

Let's see what the next release offers.


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