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Re: [Brad] interface demo download

From: Thomas Bleicher
Subject: Re: [Brad] interface demo download
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 20:57:13 +0200

> Hi Thomas,
> Sorry for not having answered earlier, but my laptop hard-drive
> decided to stop working about 3 weeks ago. It took more than 2 weeks
> to get a replacement, and a few days to re-install everything
> and recover the backed-up data.

Wow! Someone who actually does backups ...

> It's been extremely annoying, but at least I have enjoyed life
> without computers out of working hours ... and even
> managed to visit Cornwall ...

I had a change of scenery, too. I'm back at Munich now (just right
for the Oktoberfest) and finally I have broadband internet and a
sparkling new iMac :)))

> Thanks again for sharing your work: I just think your interface
> classes are amazing, and can't wait to use them!
> Actually, I still need to wait some more time, the hard drive accident
> has delayed all my plans, so I won't be able to do anything before
> the beginning of November ...

No haste. I need a few days/lifetimes to get used to OS X. My new
box does compile fast but I'm not sure how much rpict etc. will
gain in performance.

> > I think this is a good start for the interface part. Now let's
> > start working on the backend side: scene abstractions, export
> > functionality and flow ...
> I'd probably like to start having a look again at some other
> exporters, like the yafray one. Maybe UML modeling could help
> at this stage?

Of course! I'm all for "Buzzword Driven Development" but someone has
to show me how it's done right. I don't know if I do understand the
Blender or Radiance scene structure good enough to create good UML
diagrams on top of it.

One of the key points will be to keep the core interface and scene
information as general as possible so it can be extended for new objects
as they become available in Blender or for new render backends. Looking
at the requirements of other renderers may help to work out which
information should be handeled at scene or object level.

> I don't think that I will reuse much of the brad code anyway,
> just some ideas about functionalities.

I'll start converting old controls to new frame classes
soon just to see if the new framework needs more extensions. They
may not be useable in as long as the scene abstractions in not yet
worked out but I get most of my ideas for additional functions when
I try to squeeze data into buttons.

> Are you going to the Blender conference in October?
> It would be nice to meet at some point, better during the
> planning stage, maybe also with Carsten to talk about Radzilla ...

I didn't plan to go to the Blender conference so far. But I still
wan't to go to London/England for a few weeks in the near future.
I think I'll have to visit the Systems 2005 as well (in case there
is no way back to architecture for me) so this will not likely be
before november.

A propos Carsten: Did you know he mentioned us in his presentation
at the Radiance conference? I was rather surprised when I noticed.
I realy do have to download the Radzilla sources one of these days.



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