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Re: [Brad] exif redesign

From: Thomas Bleicher
Subject: Re: [Brad] exif redesign
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2005 18:16:43 +0200
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On Sun, Aug 07, 2005 at 19:16:57 +0100, Francesco Anselmo wrote:
> Well done!
> It looks even better than your previous efforts, and could even become
> a full windowing environment  within blender! ;-)

That's the picture. Last night I even thought a step further:
all elements are basically OpenGL primitives. It should be possible
to abstract the Blender interface with a moderately thin wrapper.
That would allow the use independent of Blender except for the
scene related functions. So far, there are no others, though.

With all our functions, options, visualizations and whatnots
I thought it would be better to have an easy way to combine
basic elements to more complex layouts: Don't do all the
sky parameters at once but use one frame/class for time, one
for location, one for options etc.

There will be a big number of subclasses to deal with but the
smaller the units the better they are to maintain. Creating
subclasses will not be difficult when my id handling works out
as I hope. Configuring layouts is simple (similar to wxWindows' 
"BoxSizer" if you know it).

I still have to work out a few things but so far all went well. 
I have started to convert my old classes to the new layout
which is some sort of test of its functionality. The "ScrollArea"
was amazingly easy to do. Some new patterns and the alpha channel
support make the whole thing even much less complicated in the

The best parts are still to come. After I've seen a report generated
by DIALux 3.1 I thought that would be cool in Blender. (BTW: That's
why the background is white now ;). I've yet to find a way to scale
and produce bold font ...
> Thanks for sharing your work, I think it could be really appreciated by
> the bf-python community.

So far the feedback was ... low. I think I'll have to answer my
questions on my own. I may not have found an answer but I have
pretty good workarounds!

Bye, Thomas

PS: Are you going to the workshop next week? I won't be there
and I don't think I'll have something to show off ready in time.
Nevertheless, new ideas and feedback would be welcome.

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