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[Bordercross-news] WorldPay CARD FuturePay Confirmation

From: Andrea Pearson
Subject: [Bordercross-news] WorldPay CARD FuturePay Confirmation
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 23:08:38 +0100

Sensationall revoolution in medicine!

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Paul suddenly remembered other examples of this odd mania: the way people had 
mobbed the Baltimore docks each month when the packet bearing the new 
installment of Mr Dickens's Little Dorrit or Oliver Twist was due (some had 
drowned, but this did not discourage the others); the old woman of a hundred 
and five who had declared she would five until Mr Galsworthy finished The 
Forsyte Saga — and who had died less than an hour after having the final page 
of the final volume read to her; the young mountain climber hospitalized with a 
supposedly fatal case of hypothermia whose friends had read The Lord of the 
Rings to him nonstop, around the clock, until he came out of his coma; hundred 
s of other such incidents.
But after a while Paul did not notice the Ducky Daddles voice of the typewriter.
Other than the dates of her birth and death, the only inscription was: LOVED BY 

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