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[FSF] The history behind FSF site in Farsi

From: Arash Zeini
Subject: [FSF] The history behind FSF site in Farsi
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 01:16:30 +0200
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Dear All,

After some initial discussion with Farid Behnia we decided that a short 
history of the "FSF site in Farsi" is in place here.

I met RMS in 2001 in India. He was in Trivandrum to inaugurate the Indian 
chapter of FSF. I was living in Trivandrum at that time.
I met with him and we had some discussions regarding Free software in Iran 
and how we should go about it. I was of the opinion that an "FSF Iran" 
would help to raise awareness for Free software among Iranians. I was 
trying to establish something of our own. The symbolic value of it was 
important to me as well, hence an "FSF Iran".
Being FSF Iran however is not easy. FSF has a very tight and sometimes 
"sect like" structure and I understand partly the reasons behind such 
After a lot of discussions we ended up with the idea that we should have an 
FSF site in Farsi, which will be the same as the sum of the translated 
pages of the FSF site. This is how the "FSF site in Farsi" came to be. The 
name is approved by RMS and it is an official site known to FSF in USA.

I am happy that there volunteers working on the translation of the site. I 
suggest to have the translations submitted to both FSF in USA and to us so 
that we can expand the "FSF site in Farsi" as well.

Good luck,

PS: Please note that while you receive this email I won't be available on 
email for the next weeks.

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