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[Bino-list] I have been translating bino's GUI into Chinese, but I have

Subject: [Bino-list] I have been translating bino's GUI into Chinese, but I have some string that I don't quite understand.
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 17:47:06 +0800

Hi there. I installed bino3d player some time ago. I think the GUI is rather simple, and decided to translate it into Chinese. I have finished 97% of the translation. But there are some strings (words) that I don't quite sure about what they mean. I will appreciate if some guru explain a bit for me or point me to some wikipedia alike link.

Here are the lists (po file obtained from the bino3d 1.4.2 source package):
1. "Ghostbusting" in "#: src/gui.cpp:1989" and a couple other places.

2. "Equalizer" in "#: src/main.cpp:473" and a couple other places. I understand an "equalizer" as in a music player. But I don't understand how is equalizer related to a display.

3. "Frame rate divisor for display refresh rate" in "#: src/main.cpp:500", is this divisor == frame rate / display refresh rate, or the reciprocal?

4. "conversion context" in "#: src/media_object.cpp:964", I don't know what that mean.

5. "canvas in Equalizer" in "#: src/player_equalizer.cpp:425", I don't quite understand that.

Here are some statement I would like to discuss about with a fellow Chinese translator (If there is any):
"OpenGL context" in "#: src/video_output_qt.cpp:744", I know this is common phrase in OpenGL programming. But I have no idea how to translate it to Chinese.

Not sure if there is a dedicated list for translation. If I post in the wrong list, I would like an admin to help cc the post to the appropriate list.

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