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Re: [Bino-list] feature request, new stable version planned

From: Vittorio Giovara
Subject: Re: [Bino-list] feature request, new stable version planned
Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 16:21:29 +0200

I agree, one of the strongest points of bino is that it is fully customisable 
to the core, being cross platform and (most importantly) open source.
I do hope we will see it in a future Google summer of code to get more and more 
exciting features (and to educate people on stereography).


Inviato da iPad

Il giorno 18/mag/2012, alle ore 16:42, "Frédéric Devernay" <address@hidden> ha 

> Hello,
> * On the comparison with stereoscopic player (and perhaps Peter Wimmer is 
> listening on this list):
> - stereoscopic player is very fast, has low CPU/GPU requirements, is very 
> versatile, but it only runs on a single OS, and this probably won't ever 
> change, because it heavily uses MFCs, DirectX, and other proprietary stuff. 
> Peter told me he's never port it to something elese
> - bino is cross-platform! that's its main advantage, especially for Mac or 
> Linux users
> - bino is open-source, and that's also a great advantage, because it can be 
> customized at will! you want a new feature? just implement it!
> - in the mean time, other video players will probably gain stereo support, 
> but Bino will probably always have the most exotic (I mean stereo-specific) 
> features.
> * On asking for new features
> for those people who desperately want new features but don't know how to 
> code, just put a feature request on the bug tracker, and someday it may be 
> coded. Maybe we could propose a google SoC project. Or maybe we could have a 
> bino moneybox, you put some money in it for some specific feature, and when 
> someone wants to get the money, he/she implements that feature. I'm pretty 
> sure that some of the professional users out there would actually pay for 
> features. Or companies could contribute new features (as Binocle did with SDI 
> output - check it out at Dimension3 in Paris in June).
> * And now, about the flip-flop request:
> - I agree that this is an important feature for stereographers, especially 
> those who go out with their mac for derushing, and don't want to reboot just 
> to have stereoscopic player
> - And the best thing is that it's not that complicated to implement: two 
> pulldown menus in a dialog box, those settings would be linked to the video 
> being played, and all we have to change (I think) is the texture coordinates 
> for the source texture (we have to be careful about interlaced sources). It 
> just takes time (probably about 1 or 2 days with testing).
> fred

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