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Re: [Bino-list] Possible to use two v4l2 inputs?

From: Götz Dapp
Subject: Re: [Bino-list] Possible to use two v4l2 inputs?
Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2012 13:30:49 -0600
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Hi Martin,

On 04/07/2012 04:58 AM, Martin Lambers wrote:
Hi Goetz!

On Fri, 06 Apr 2012 14:23:58 -0600, Götz Dapp wrote:
It should be possible to open the video devices from the command
line: $ bino --device-frame-size=800x600 /dev/video0 /dev/video1

If this works for you, I'll change the GUI dialog to allow this,
thanks, that's what I suspected. I compiled bino last night and the
two input work! The resolution is limited to 800x600, I suspect
that's because of bandwidth issues. Do you know if ffmpeg supports
controlling the input data type / chroma, i.e. MJPG, which the
camera can run natively? When I use cvlc and set the v4l2-chroma
to MJPG it supports two cameras as 1280x800.
This seems to be supported by FFmpeg, but I'm not sure how to use
it. Can you add the following to line 815 in src/media_object.cpp?
'av_dict_set(&iparams, "input_format", "mjpeg", 0);'
(Or apply the attached patch.)

Does this work?

If so, I can add a command line and GUI option "request mjpeg
format" or similar.

Works like a charm! Sweet! Thanks so much!
The latest version now has an option --device-format to request MJPEG
format, and the GUI "Open device" dialog was improved to allow opening
two devices and requesting MJPEG format.

Can you test this?

Best regards,

just tested it, it works just fine! Thanks so much!

I actually noticed something interesting: on a fresh booted computer the two streams are actually pretty much synchronous, while if I stop it and try it several times they are quite noticeably apart. This was to be expected, but I guess what I am saying is how surprised I am that it runs synchronous on a fresh boot.

This is pretty cool stuff.

Just out of curiosity: is there any way to record the bino output stream?

Thanks again and happy Easter!

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