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[Bino-list] Possible to use two v4l2 inputs?

From: Goetz Dapp
Subject: [Bino-list] Possible to use two v4l2 inputs?
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2012 09:38:54 -0600
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Hi guys,

first of all congratulations for this great software you've been

I was wondering if it is at all possible to add two input devices
instead of one for 3D playback and designate them to one perspective,
i.e. /dev/video0 = left and /dev/video1 = right, or something along
those lines?

It would be awesome if it also were possible to manually adjust some of
the v4l2 control ids for these devices.

Since I am not a programmer I don't have the technical understanding
about the problems this might entail. I realize that there is a
synchronization problem, but I am just trying to come up with a solution
to quickly check and adjust the 3D setup (i.e. distance between cameras,
white balance, focus etc.).


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