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[Billnet-users] The newest price

From: Tracy Vega
Subject: [Billnet-users] The newest price
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 10:41:38 -0540

The first thing to do in tuesday is to get in on EQTD. It will RISE
up next week.  There will be at least 100%
appreciation within the first few hours, so do it fast .

With oil markets retreating, big traders are turning to
gold, driving it to levels never before seen.  EQTD has
made an announcement of staggering proportions related to a
recent survey on one of their gold ownership.  The inside
scoop is that we will be looking at a quadrupling of share price once the 
public takes notice:

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS-(MARKETWIRE)-Oct 23, 2006 - Equal trading
is pleased to announce survey results which have far
exceeded expectations. The results from our British
Columbia property show 58,000 ounce potential.  Plans are
already underway for immediate development.  We look
forward to this unordinary discovery bringing value to
our stockholder.

At 600$ an ounce this discovery is worth 34.8 mil$.  With
865mil shares outstanding, this would give us a book value
of 0.04 (current price is under 1 cent).

Don't let it pass you by. The value and the opportunity are there.
This days is the lowest price it can be.
It's high time to buy in! The profitable time to invest!
Real promotion  will help you to sell it with higher price later. 

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