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[Billiards-devel] Billiard sounds

From: Javier Mora
Subject: [Billiards-devel] Billiard sounds
Date: Mon, 28 May 2012 16:03:45 +0200

I just read that there was a billiard game being developed here and some sound samples were needed.
Does anyone have a pool table and a decent microphone?
Well, the developers of the (now apparently discontinued) BillardGL game ( already had the same need, like 10 years ago, as can be seen on their page:
We finally did it: This afternoon we played billiards with Christoph Brandes of Iguana Audioproduction, bringing two microphones and a DAT with him (Pictures), so now we got more than an hour of authentic billiards sounds we can take into the game.
Maybe you can use the sound samples from that game.  It's GPL, so I guess there will be no problems.

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