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[Bibulus-users] Links: Open standards and software for bibliographies an

From: John J Lee
Subject: [Bibulus-users] Links: Open standards and software for bibliographies and cataloging
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 18:54:58 -0000

Bruce D'Arcus and I (mostly Bruce, actually) have put up a relatively
comprehensive list of interesting open standards and open-source software
related to bibliographies and cataloging.

Currently, the emphasis is on the needs of individuals and small groups
rather than libraries, but given the growing overlap in the interests of
these groups, the list is likely to expand to some extent to cover more
library software.

Apologies for sp*mming everybody, this is a one-off message.  Please edit
the list down if you reply, or reply in a separate thread.  I don't read
all these lists, so please reply to me directly if you want to get through
to me.  Also, note that though Bruce compiled most of the list and wrote
much of the text, I'm doing the drudge work, so please reply to me, not
Bruce.  Thanks


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