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BFGMiner 3.7.0 released

From: Luke-Jr
Subject: BFGMiner 3.7.0 released
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 16:13:26 +0000
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Human readable changelog:
- Support for new Bi*fury and Twinfury mining devices.
- Device probing has been rewritten to scan all devices in parallel (much
  faster). As a result, the order of devices found is no longer deterministic
  (consistent) at all.
- Parallel device probing makes --device's former syntax unusable, so it has
  been modified to use the same pattern matching as --set-device. Note that
  things like --scan-serial ztex:all are now valid, but probably much more
  dangerous than with VCOM drivers; a bare driverless "all" only affects VCOM
  drivers for this reason.
- Pattern matching for --set-device (and now --device) supports identifying
  specific devices by serial number or path. To use this, insert either of
  these between @ symbols where you would have previously put an index. So for
  example, --device 'address@hidden' (bitforce device with serial FTWOTOP4) or 
  --set-device '@/dev/address@hidden:osc6_bits=52' (first processor of device on
- BFGMiner-written config files now include the scan-serial and set-device
- cpu and opencl drivers have been disabled by default in all cases. Use -S
  cpu:auto or -S opencl:auto if you need them.
- Automatically workaround cgminer driver breakage on Linux.

Full changelog:

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