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Re: [Beaver-devel] Build Tools

From: Michael Terry
Subject: Re: [Beaver-devel] Build Tools
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 07:59:40 -0400
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Stephen Depooter wrote:
I am curious which versions of automake and autoconf you use when
building / testing beaver.
Using Debian unstable, automake 1.5 is soon to be no longer available
and when I run in a fresh CVS checkout, I get several
messages which don't really help the problem.   I am completely at a
loss when it comes to autoconf / automake / and other associated tools
and the errors they give.

Any suggestions on what I can do to figure out what is going on?

I use automake 1.7.6 and autoconf 2.57 in Debian testing.  Try using those?


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