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[Beaver-devel] beaver (debian package)

From: Mathieu Rousseau
Subject: [Beaver-devel] beaver (debian package)
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 09:51:45 +0200


It took some time to found back the new homepage of beaver since it moved from last adress. (found it on Emmanuel webpage in fact)

Beaver is a package included from debian.
I'm using sid version and beaver's version is 0.2.5 (old branch).
Would be nice to contact the maintainer of the package to update the version. (at least to the 0.2.7 version)

The beaver's head image and hands are not showing well under opera 7.11, but old Emmanuel's version is fine. ( )
Would be nice to get some screenshots of the GTK+ 2 version ;-)


Mathieu Rousseau

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