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[Beaver-devel] Prefs Dialogue

From: Leslie P. Polzer
Subject: [Beaver-devel] Prefs Dialogue
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 19:27:37 +0200

Hello Michael,

with the next CVS commit the Prefs dialogue may be defunct,
as some functions are currently missing. To implement these,
I will have to do a bit of trickery with the global
widgets (mainly the font/color preview) and assign
sensible names to all control elements.
I will commit nevertheless so you can look at it, comment it
and maybe lend me a hand (either with these funcs or with
the tabs "Colors" and "Charsets") - perhaps a good idea if
you want to get a bit into the Glade stuff.
Last a HIG thing: I used that nice stock icon for
"go to end" (or something like that) for indent - do you think
we should take it away?

Best regards,


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