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Re: [Beaver-devel] Tab + line break insert

From: Michael Terry
Subject: Re: [Beaver-devel] Tab + line break insert
Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 09:52:16 -0400
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Leslie Polzer wrote:
It is quite annoying when I edit a language with no auto-indent (esp. HTML)
and I am working with my own indents: if I insert a line-break, the whole indent
is gone. It would be good to check for tabs there.

What are you saying?  You have a line like:
and when you press enter at the end, it doesn't start the next line with two tabs? It should. It does here for me.

If that is the problem and you can reproduce it, show me how.

If that's not the problem, can you be a bit more clear? What do you mean by language-specific auto-indent. I thought that preference was global.


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