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Re: [Beaver-devel] Status

From: Michael Terry
Subject: Re: [Beaver-devel] Status
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 10:11:04 -0500
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Leslie Polzer wrote:
Hello Michael, hello list,

if you wonder what I was doing...
I tried to get some experience in working with the GNU regex functions.
Unfortunately the info pages posed more of an obstacle than a help and I
had some problems with the pattern buffer struct.
By the end of last week I was frustrated in a way that made
me stop programming until this morning. I guess I just had to sort
things out in my mind - anyway, I got it working now (I still have to
figure out what exactly went wrong, maybe I'll post tomorrow on this
issue) and am developing the 'real' syntax highlighting with a small
test app. I'll upload a tarball as soon as it makes sense to share my

Cool. I have been very busy doing other stuff (like playing the new Zelda: Wind Waker), and haven't gotten to the searching stuff as much as I wanted. I'll try to catch up while my roommates are playing Zelda. ;)

I am also thinking about releasing the syntax highlighting lib as
a separate package because of its unique features.
Have you already looked at some regex stuff, Michael?

Not in depth. You know, there are several packages already that deal with syntax highlighting alone. If you are not too far along, it might be worth our while to look at them?

Maybe we can arrange a release date for Beaver 0.4.0?

I don't want to bump the number up again.  We just released 0.3.0.  :)


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