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Re: bbdb being too inquisitive

From: Rajeev.Gore
Subject: Re: bbdb being too inquisitive
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2019 09:34:14 +1000

Hi Roland,

I have upgraded to bbdb3 and am cleaning up my various customisation files but I
am not able to get bbdb-complete-mail to work (it used to work with the older
version of bbdb that I had).

Just to check bbdb-version gives me this:
BBDB version 3.1.2 (2015-10-28 17:19:27+00:00)

If I look inside my .bbdb I can find the following entry:

["Roland" "Winkler" nil nil nil nil nil ("address@hidden") ((creation-date. 
"2019-06-04") (timestamp . "2019-06-04")) nil]

I fire up a composition buffer and type "winker" in the To field, ensure that
point is after "winkler" and then try to execute bbdb-complete-mail and it just
does nothing! No error but not completion either.

I read the manual a bit and so checked the value of the following variable:

bbdb-completion-list is a variable defined in `bbdb.el'.
Its value is t

The beginning of my cutomisation file contains these lines:

(require 'bbdb)
(bbdb-initialize 'vm) 
(setq bbdb-file "~/.bbdb")
(load-library "bbdb-spam.el")
(require 'bbdb-com)

So I am assuming that vm knows that my .bbdb file lives in ~/.bbdb

I am now stumped. Any help appreciated.


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