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Re: [Axiom-math] Very simple calculus on matrix and vector.

From: Francois Maltey
Subject: Re: [Axiom-math] Very simple calculus on matrix and vector.
Date: 26 Feb 2006 20:21:25 +0100
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Thanks Ralf,

> > But can I concat 3 or 4 or more vectors with only ONE command ?
> > I don't know if I can define in axiom a function with 1 or 2 or 3 or
> > 4 ... arguments.
> > Sequences of maple or mupad allow this.
> > With axiom must I define a function with a list of arguments ?

> I hope, that helps. I'm sure you can translate the above code into
> something that concatenates vectors.

You don't loose your time, I discover Turple.

And it's also possible with reduce.

U1 := vector [1,2,3]
U2 := vector [2,2,3]
U3 := vector [3,2,3]
U4 := vector [4,2,3]
reduce ((u,v)+->horizConcat(u,v), 
        map (U +-> U::Matrix Integer, [U1,U2,U3,U4]))

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