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Re: [Axiom-math] )trace solve ?

From: Martin Rubey
Subject: Re: [Axiom-math] )trace solve ?
Date: 06 Feb 2006 09:23:51 +0100
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"Raymond E. Rogers" <address@hidden> writes:

> Sorry to show my ignorance but how do I trace "solve()" ?  I had it
> once, and lost it.

See HyperDoc -> Settings -> Commands -> )trace

you can say

)tr SYSSOLP )ops solve )ma

Three comments:

* you have to know in which package/domain/category the operation you want to
  trace is defined. You can find out by using ")set message bottom on" (short
  ")se me bo on")

* the argument ")ma" to ")trace" makes axiom display the arguments of the
  invoked functions using output$OutputPackage rather than raw lisp
  formatting. This is very useful, except if you are tracing output, since in
  the latter case it will cause infinite loops. There are also other occassions
  where )ma causes infinite loops, unfortunately. It's rare, though.

* At first it usually makes more sense to trace all of a package, but you know
  that, I suppose.

Are you trying to tackle one of the solver issues? Or are you going to document
the solver routines? 



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