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[Axiom-math] Re: texmacs

From: yigal
Subject: [Axiom-math] Re: texmacs
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 16:59:48 -0800

I believe I followed the directions given bellow.  The only problem with
this tm_axiom is that I don't get output except for graphics.  That is:
first prompt 
-> x
i.e. next line is a new prompt with no output?
The good news is that draw() does work
-> draw(x,x=0..5) 
produces the Axiom graphic panel.

If you have time attached is my altered tm_axiom.c file.  

Yigal Weinstein
TeXmacs --Andrey, Wed, 12 Oct 2005 03:49:57 -0500 reply It is easy to
modify tm_axiom.c to start axiom (with hypertex and graphics) 

Instead of starting AXIOMsys, it should start axiom -noclef

Also, in void session(void), declare:

  int prompts=0;

and, a few lines later, replace the line:

  else if (code==PROMPT) break;

by the line:

  else if (code==PROMPT) { if ((++prompts)==2) break; }

However, it would be much better to fix this damn double-prompt problem
once and for all. Axiom must not write a prompt when it is not prompting
the user to input something.


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