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RE: [Axiom-math] TexMacs Windows Axiom<->Maxima incompatible (DLL?)

From: Herb Martin
Subject: RE: [Axiom-math] TexMacs Windows Axiom<->Maxima incompatible (DLL?)
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 07:43:47 -0600

> Herb,
> The message you are getting
>     SOCK-SEND-INT is invalid as a function.
> means that the axiom C library is not linked into the AXIOMsys image.
> 'axiom' is actually a shell script. it invokes 'sman' (superman)
> which starts several processes hyperdoc, the browser ; clef, the
> command line editor function ; AXIOMsys, the actual axiom 
> interpreter ;
> and viewman which handles 2D and 3D graphics.

Thanks for trying to help me -- I appreciate it --
this probably doesn't apply to me though, since I am
running on a Windows box (and running without an
explicit install of Cygwin) so "shell scripts"
don't run here.

I downloaded and installed this:


There doesn't seem to be any equivalent batch file
either.  The installation program installed shortcuts
that point directly to axiomsys and I have to start
TexMacs (tm_axiom.exe) separately.

There doesn't even seem to be any sman.exe included.

[No bat or cmd files in my Axiom directory tree;
there are a bunch of bat files in my separately
downloaded (and apparently incompatible) WinTexMacs
directory, but they all seem to be within the ghostscript

> sman communicates over sockets to these processes and the axiom
> interpreter uses SOCK-SEND-INT to send integers. it appears that
> your AXIOMsys does not have the C routines linked in. this is odd
> as the second step of the build process is to compile the C code
> and the third step is to build GCL and link it into the image.

This makes sense and likely something similar was intended
for the pre-compiled Windows version (i.e., I didn't compile
this locally, it was downloaded as-is.)

> i'm not sure what the details are of the texmacs connection
> but if it starts AXIOMsys directly then there won't be an sman
> process running so graphics will not work. the easiest test for
> that case is to see if the axiom browser starts when you start
> axiom from texmacs. if not then the texmacs interface is probably
> only running the AXIOMsys image.

Thanks for any light you can shed on this;
or pointers to docs or people who can help
with the Windows (Win32) version of Axiom.

I have no problem with "read the manual" answers
if someone knows the manual in question....<grin>

Herb Martin

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