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[Axiom-developer] spadhelp

From: Ralf Hemmecke
Subject: [Axiom-developer] spadhelp
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2012 12:48:05 +0200
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Hello Waldek, hello Tim,

in FriCAS, I find a file src/hyper/pages/ with a header

% Copyright The Numerical Algorithms Group Limited 1992-94. All rights
% !! DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE BY HAND !! Created by ht.awk.

But there isn't any ht.awk in the repository.

I suppose this was created before AXIOM became free, i.e. the .ht files
are currently TRUE sources not generated from anything else and THEY are
used to generate the HyperDoc content.

Also in the AXIOM sources git:// it looks as if
the .ht file is SOURCE (it's embedded in books/bookvol7.1.pamphlet
without this "!! DO NOT MODIFY" warning.

In the AXIOM sources I get the following.

grep -nH -Re 'implements a priority' *

books/bookvol7.1.pamphlet:31297:The domain \spadtype{Heap(S)} implements
a priority queue of objects
books/bookvol0.pamphlet:32428:The domain {\tt Heap(S)} implements a
priority queue of objects of
books/bookvol10.3.pamphlet:53913:The domain Heap(S) implements a
priority queue of objects of type S
src/axiom-website/hyperdoc/axbook/section-9.32.xhtml:27:<p>The domain
<span class="teletype">Heap(S)</span> implements a priority queue of
objects of

where only the first looks like a true source and the others look pretty
much generated. I wonder why the .help file isn't generated from the .ht

Tim, do you know how the file was originally generated. I
suppose there must have been sources that didn't include the output of
the AXIOM commands.

BTW, is there anywhere a good description of HyperTex. I faintly
remember that I have once seen a list of all the commands available in

Has there ever been any attempt to define the HyperTex-commands in a
.sty file and then process the .ht files via LaTeX?


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