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[Axiom-developer] Axiom January 2012 released

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Axiom January 2012 released
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 04:57:31 -0600

January 2012 Release

The Jenks book was updated by adding appendix E, and the 
graphics images from the center of the book.

These people were added to the credits list:
   Guilherme Reis, Michael Albaugh, Roger House to credits

Literate documentation was added to the book 9, the compiler
The axiomgraphs were created for the compile command and the parser.

The website was updated with several changes including a global
rewrite of the color and fixes for broken links.

Treeshaking of the compiler and interpreter code continues.

Work was done but not completed to move to GCL-2.6.8pre6

   add Appendix E
   add graphics images from middle of book

   add Guilherme Reis, Michael Albaugh, Roger House

   localize function names
   treeshake interpreter
   add Guilherme Reis, Michael Albaugh, Roger House

   add comment graphs
   code cleanup
   localize function names
   treeshake and document compiler

   add additional Axiom literature references

   add v0hroot.eps, v0hyper.eps, v0page1.eps, v0page2.eps, v0page3.eps
   add v0page4.eps, v0page5.eps, v0page6.eps, v0page7.eps, v0page8.eps
   v9CommentRecording.eps comment recording chapter
   v9CommentSyntaxChecking.eps comment syntax chapter
   v9comdefine.eps document compiler
   v9compiler.eps document compiler

   add Guilherme Reis, Michael Albaugh, Roger House

   Makefile fix autoload

   global background color change to ECEA81
   axiom.png make background transparent
   books.html fix broken links
   litprog.html fix argument count
   litprog.html note HTML escape code flaw

     axiomgraph.tex literate form of js
     index.html add graphs

     arbor.js add graphs
     axiomcode.js add graphs, parse tree, default compiler
     jquery-1.7.1.js add graphs

     algebra.json add graphs
     comment.json update comment
     add compile.json for the compile command
     add compiler.json for the compiler
     add dstruct.json for data structures
     add funsel.json for function selection
     nine.json for global compiler
     parse.json for parser

     axiomgraph.css change background
     axiomicon.png add icon

     change page background color

   axiom.sty fix comments

   Makefile add i2e.input
   i2e.input demo InputForm to Expression(Integer)
   pasta.input graphics test cases

   br-con.lisp localize function names, treeshake compiler
   cattable.lisp treeshake compiler
   ht-util.lisp localize function names
   i-funsel.lisp treeshake compiler
   parsing.lisp localize function names, treeshake compiler
   patches.lisp localize function names
   util.lisp treeshake compiler
   vmlisp.lisp localize function names, treeshake compiler

   axiom.sty fix comments

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