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Re: [Axiom-developer] Index entries for "eq?"

From: Eugene Surowitz
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Index entries for "eq?"
Date: Mon, 16 May 2011 16:38:31 -0400
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OK: so we have an unmaintained, probably machine generated,
and apparently incomplete but otherwise useful piece of the documentation.

Any memory of who or how it was generated generated?

I had to create something similar for another project and
had a degassing step in there which appears to have omitted here.
If memory serves correctly degassing can actually be done with
simple unix commands only.

But that would bypass the incompleteness issue.

The C++ thing that I have in specialized form might be
generalized to create a component for Axiom that would
work from the entire documentation source since the pamphlets
are really now TeX/Latex which was its targeted input.

Eugene J. Surowitz

On 5/15/2011 5:43 PM, daly wrote:
The file book-index.xhtml was a contributed document.
Axiom does nothing but copy it at build time.


On Sat, 2011-05-14 at 13:49 -0400, Eugene Surowitz wrote:

The file "book-index.xhtml" contains 3 entries for "eq?",
all for "Section 9.18 EqTable".
There are in fact three text statements in in that section
containing the string "eg?".

I generally believe that an index would contain only one entry
per page for any given word.  Does the index generation mechanism
for Axiom inteneded to function that way?
Or does it tolerate duplicates per page/section?

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