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[Axiom-developer] ANNOUNCEMENT: The Novermber 2008 release of Axiom

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] ANNOUNCEMENT: The Novermber 2008 release of Axiom
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 20:49:17 -0600

Following the every-other-month schedule, Axiom for November 2008
has been released. All of the public source repositories have
been updated.

Continuing in the effort to make Axiom fully literate, this release
has completed book volume 10.2 Axiom Categories. So now the whole
category structure of Axiom exists in a single volume. These volumes
are complete in their initial forms:
   Volume 0:    Axiom Jenks and Sutor Book
   Volume 1:    Axiom Tutorial
   Volume 7:    Axiom Hyperdoc (Source code)
   Volume 7.1:  Axiom Hyperdoc (pages)
   Volume 8:    Axiom Graphics (Source code)
   Volume 10.2: Axiom Algebra Categories
Visit: <>

The volumes contain the actual system source code, not a copy.
The system is built from the documents.

In addition to volume 10.2, there is a graph of the abbreviated
category names, a part of the new volume. It is automatically
extracted. It is available at
Clicking on a graph node should take you into the book volume
at the corresponding section.

The graph of the full names is still being created.

The other significant change is that the tests are run in parallel.
If you build the system on a multi-core box this will speed up testing.

As usual, binaries are being built and will be available at:



November 2008 Release Notes

Axiom website

  New patch tracking has been added:
     * <>

  Volumes have been significantly updated:
     * <>
     * <>

Book Volume 10.2 Axiom Categories completed

   The effort here is to create fully indexed, cross-referenced,
   graphical documentation for Axiom categories in a standalone
   form. This is a "live" literate document which contains the 
   actual source code used to build the system.

   * <>

Book Volume 10.3 Axiom Domains started

   This volume will contain the Axiom domains.

   * <>

Rosetta documentation

  * Fix the Magnus URL

Input Files

  * New input files (Jakubi, Maltey, Rubey, Page, Daly}
     dhmatrix, reclos2
  * Changed input files (Hebisch, Daly)
     sae, r20bugs

Build changes

  * Testing is now run in parallel which will significantly
    speed up the final test phase

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