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Re: [Axiom-developer] Of possible interest to Axiom

From: Doug Stewart
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Of possible interest to Axiom
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 08:35:00 -0400
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root wrote:
The latest documentation work is creating a full graph of the Axiom
algebra as part of the bookvol10* buildout. This could be useful in
guiding your work in building a CLOS version.
I have been watching your progress and bookvol10 is looking very good.

It should be fairly easy to write a lisp package which traverses the in-memory
algebra lattice in various ways and produces graphviz output.  We could graph
the entier hierarchy, or just a "local view" of a domain and, say, its direct
supersignatures.  Or a who-calls graph for a particular function, etc.  This
would happen dynamically at runtime.
Look at <> which is the latest incarnation I'm testing.

The key innovation here is that I've figured out how to connect the
graphviz graph directly to the PDF files. So once I put up the next
version of the system you should be able to look at the graphviz category
graph, click on a box, and go directly to the page in the PDF. Try:


I've also figured out some more tricks to use Axiom to dynamically
generate information but I haven't had time to code them yet.

The literate documentation is getting more interesting.


I find this project VERY interesting, but I don't know enough about the terminology used to get the complete picture. For example I read the first paragraph and was lost.

In general, we use several colors in the graph images. The “lightblue” color indi- cates a category that is in the direct inheritance path. The “green” (#00EE00)
color indicates a category or domain used in the exports. The “seagreen” (a
dark green, indicates a category or domain which is used but does not corre-
spond to the signature of an existing category. The system can infer that this “subsumption node” matches the category. A “yellow” color indicates a domain.

Where am I to find out exactly what you mean by:
“subsumption node”

I have vague idea of what they mean but I think I should know these precisely if I am to learn this system.

You need to look at bookvol0, the Jenks and Sutor book at


Thanks and wow!!!!
This system you have developed (literate programming is WOW!!!) is excellent!


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