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[Axiom-developer] May 2008 Release

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] May 2008 Release
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 19:27:45 -0500

The process of releasing Axiom for May has started. 
The various sources websites should be up to date within a few days.
I will post a notice when the release is complete.
Binaries will also be available at that time.

This version concentrated mostly on deeper test suites and documentation.


A large part of the effort for these two months has involved detailed
test cases of Axiom's integration routines against Schaum's Handbook
of Mathematical Formulas. Of the 619 integrals, the detailed results are:

419 Schaums and Axiom agree
137 No closed form solution
 60 Cannot simplify

  2 Typos found in Schaums
  1 Axiom bug

The Axiom bug was in src/algebra/intef.spad.pamphlet. There was a
fix applied to this code for a previously identified bug but the
previous fix was incorrect.

In addition, there were
 src/input/danzwill2.input.pamphlet added for the MIT Integration tests
 src/inputmapleok.input.pamphlet to fix typos
 src/input/kamke1.input.pamphlet had ode97 removed due to running time
 src/input/kamke2.input.pamphlet ode104, ode105 removed for running time

        Max Tegmark's 'toe' diagram, src/doc/toe.gif

        GCLOPTS-CUSTRELOC disable-locbfd for MACOSXPPC


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