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Re: [Axiom-developer] Build problem on Slackware Linux 12

From: Stephen Wilson
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Build problem on Slackware Linux 12
Date: 01 May 2008 00:51:27 -0400
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Hi Zach, Tim, 

Zach <address@hidden> writes:

> Similar to the approach in another thread, I replaced all occurrences of
> ${XLIB}/libXpm.a with -lXpm in the Makefile.pamphlet file.  I believe that
> such a replacement will make this work on my system (and others like it) but
> not break any other installations.  The linker should automatically look for
> libXpm.a and on the linker directories when it encounters a -l
> flag, right?  Why is the libXpm archive's path hard coded into makefile
> maker?

Zach, thanks for your report!

Without a configure stage in the build process, we are basically stuck with
hard-wired paths.  That said, the attached patch should work for generic linux
distros.  It appeals to the search paths which the linker follows by default in
addition to /usr/X11R6/lib.

I built a fresh checkout with this patch against slackware 11, which does have
libXpm.a, and all is well (so no backwards breakage, AFAICT).

Tim, could you consider this patch in your next build/test cycle?


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