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[Axiom-developer] Nice Fixes! Another go on IssueTracker

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Nice Fixes! Another go on IssueTracker
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 09:14:10 -0600

If you'd like to see bug fixes applied to Axiom please submit a
diff-Naur patch against silver. 

Bugs are being fixed. Look for patches that have trailing numbers
in the title. One of the numbers is the Axiom bug number and, if
there is a corresponding published bug, there is a second number
corresponding to the published number.

I hesitate to "fix" things in the algebra without a great deal of
testing. I've applied a few fixes and backed them out, for example, 
trivially, the Gamma overbar display or bug 370 which incorrectly
changed the algebra rather than the compiler, and rejected others as
not being the correct fix.

One of the primary reasons why these bugs are not being fixed faster
is that there is so little documentation of what the bug is, what the
root cause is, how the change fixes the bug, and regression tests that
show the bug was fixed and did not break other things. All of this
takes a great deal of time and limits the pace of bug fixing. I'm 
reluctant to change the algebra until I understand the issues.
Without documentation or even a reference to external documentation
it just takes time.

I realize that FriCAS does not require documentation and can apply
changes without comment. Axiom requires documentation.

That said, I also would like to reduce the number of open bugs.

Axiom is clearly being worked on. Simply dividing the number of
one-line changes in the changelog by the number of days since the
first entry gives approximately 2.8 changes per day over the last 4
years or so. Hardly signs of a dead project.


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