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[Axiom-developer] Gone Fishing

From: Stephen Wilson
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Gone Fishing
Date: 30 May 2007 23:32:33 -0400
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Im going for an all-too-short vacation without a computer in sight for
miles around.  I'll be back the beginning of next week.

I would like to extend a big Thank-You to everyone for allowing me to
dive back into the foray.  Despite the divergent opinions, the
debates, the `unfocused' traits some (including myself) have noticed
-- I must say: There is a real spirit to the Axiom community and there
always has been since I started reading this list a few years ago.  I
have no doubt whatsoever that it will persist.  And I have no doubt
that it will see the project thru the next 30 years.  

Thanks to everyone for making this outstanding effort live!

For me, Axiom is more philosophy than program.

Take care,

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