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[Axiom-developer] Axiom and common lisp tools

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Axiom and common lisp tools
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 19:01:40 -0500

1) A web server to front Axiom in common lisp (Sman)

This is a web server written in common lisp.
It appears to be useful in SBCL, one of the port targets for ANSI.

In addition, this is a simple hack using naming conventions
that allows requests for page names (e.g. /foo) to be magically
mapped onto a lisp function call:

The combination of these two things makes it somewhat easier to 
achieve the goal of a fully portable hyperdoc with a running
axiom in the background.

2) A common lisp that runs as the browser scripting language (Hyperdoc)

And it appears that the previous link I sent about Kamen Lisp
which lets you use common lisp instead of javascript means that
we can dynamically define functions that sit behind web pages
which are dynamically generated. Thus the documentation could
be generated with "live examples" showing the result of input
from the user, just as Hyperdoc does now.

3) A live version of graphs (Graphics)

The author, Dustin Long, is looking into the ability to write
into the new <canvas> tag which means that we would be able to 
draw directly onto the web page.

4) Axiom talking to a web server process or running in a web server (Doyen)

and it appears that all of the pieces should be in place in the near
term to have a fully functional common-lisp-only based portable Axiom.

The end result is cross-platform and both locally (Doyen) or remotely


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