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[Axiom-developer] bachslash-newline in Makefiles

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] bachslash-newline in Makefiles
Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 17:43:30 -0500

Ah, controvery. Sigh.

I did a diff -r --brief axiom-gold-50 build-improvements and
the same with wh-sandbox. For each file that differed I tried
to (a) decide why the change was made, (b) how it was related
to other changes in the branch, (c) how it was related to the
original gold version, and (d) how it could be merged so that
the silver version files and the branch version files differed
as little as possible.

Those changes that I understood I picked up and merged into 
the new "silver" branch. 

Those changes I did not understand (e.g. algebra changes), or those
changes which I am not capable of merging (e.g. the new Makefile
structure) were left unmerged.

The silver version would not build so I worked out two mechanisms to
try to discover what was missing and/or wrong. These two new
mechanisms, regression testing (regress.lisp) and the md5sum hashing
(src/regress/REGRESS) were added to silver. These were used to debug
the build.

Once that completed I added changes of my own, mostly documentation,
to the silver branch (quat.spad.pamphlet).

Once that completed I extracted the git build, made an SVN copy,
and posted both copies as "silver", along with a commitment to
maintain these two copies in parallel.

Future updates to "silver" will be complete changesets. 
The philosophy will be to try to "box up" a change so that it
can be added or removed as a whole, which as far as I can tell
is the whole reason for changesets.

When the silver version is "ready" (for some random notion of
ready) I will post it to Arch on axiom-developer, CVS on sourceforge,
and CVS on savannah as --patch-51.

I am currently working a few different branches in parallel (very
easy with git) and as these are tested and complete I will post them
as full changesets. People using git should be able to do a git-pull.
SVN users should be able to apply the change as a single changeset.

Mostly I'm trying to fix outstanding bug reports (e.g. I'm working
on downcasing filenames everywhere).


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