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[Axiom-developer] backslash-newline in Makefiles.

From: Stephen Wilson
Subject: [Axiom-developer] backslash-newline in Makefiles.
Date: 27 May 2007 16:18:29 -0400
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Now on the Axisp branch:

   commit 68ee822219e707ea366fa877e0a99ae8b45c4dc1

Remove backslash-newline sequences from single-quoted strings in
The makefiles broke with GNU Make 3.81. From make-3.81/Changelog:
  * WARNING: Backward-incompatibility!
    In order to comply with POSIX, the way in which GNU make processes
    backslash-newline sequences in command strings has changed.  If your
    makefiles use backslash-newline sequences inside of single-quoted
    strings in command scripts you will be impacted by this change.  See
    the GNU make manual subsection "Splitting Command Lines" (node
    "Splitting Lines"), in section "Command Syntax", chapter "Writing the
    Commands in Rules", for details.

This fixes the issue reported by Waldek here:

For convinience, attached is a patch against current Silver.


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