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[Axiom-developer] Re: [ANN] new version of axiom mode for emacs.

From: Martin Rubey
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: [ANN] new version of axiom mode for emacs.
Date: 23 May 2007 17:44:37 +0200
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Below is the next version.  It colors output green.

After having done this, it occurred to me that it might make more sense to
color *input* green, but I don't know.

C Y <address@hidden> writes:

> --- Martin Rubey <address@hidden> wrote:

> Sure.  Your solution may be more robust than mine, or perhaps the
> version I have on my machine doesn't match the latest on the wiki...

Please send me your version, so I can do a diff.

> >   what if output contains ") -> " and we are unlucky?  Not sure
> > whether this is a problem though.  In all other places, instead
> > of ") -> " the regular expression axiom-prompt is used.  Shouldn't
> > we do this here, too? 
> That should be OK, but it wouldn't solve the "output contains ) -> "
> problem.  That is not solvable in any reasonable way unless you want to
> track column position in the regexp, 

That wouldn't solve it, since something looking like an axiom prompt could
accidentally occur also in the first column.  I think we should keep the
current input number in a variable n and look for "(n) -> " and "(n+1) -> " in
the first column.  That shouldn't be hard?

> I don't expect most of the current design to scale, but I have no idea how to
> make the Emacs behavior more robust.  

In principle, it's not so hard: I believe the main problem with the current
version is that point is jumping around like insane (start the elisp source
debugger and hit t), and it's not clear at all what each function expects, and
what it has as result.

A particularly curious bug (at least in the new version) is as follows:

  enter 7 at the prompt move two lines up and two columns right, i.e., position
  the cursor right next to the 7 in the output.  Hold shift and move the cursor
  down right right right up.

In my emacs, a line is inserted, which vanishes if I go on painting or enter
something at the prompt.  Maybe it's a redisplay problem, but I was unable to
fix it.

> Personally I'd be more interested in using LTK or McCLIM to make exactly what
> we need, but that's a ways off - for now, it's Emacs or nothing :-/.

But you see, I want to copy output from axiom into gnus, using M-w and C-y.


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