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[Axiom-developer] lisp portability

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] lisp portability
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 10:32:23 -0500

This code has moved from MAClisp and VMLisp to several "evolving"
lisps and eventually to several "iterations" of CLtL1 common lisp
as it was evolving. Even when the lisps changed from single to
dual function namespaces (a deep semantic difference) it was not
unreasonably hard. 

Certainly the task is much easier than moving from linux to windows.

The distance from CLtL1 to ANSI is trivially small.
The actual estimated lisp work effort is about a man-week, maybe two.
It is a classroom exercise, not worth a "summer of code" project.

The only difficult part is a minor extension to GCL for sockets.
But since there are websites that are run from lisp this must work.

For a 35 year old program in a 50 year old language that seems 
reasonably portable to me.

If the task seems hard to you then I suspect the issue has more
to do with your understanding of lisp than a language flaw.

"A poor workman blames his tools"

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