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Re: [Axiom-developer] branches/daly/axiom

From: Gabriel Dos Reis
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] branches/daly/axiom
Date: 20 May 2007 12:38:46 -0500

address@hidden writes:


| It contains changes in the interpreter that everyone has made, such as
| removing xrun and xruncomp 

Except branch.

| and other dead code. 

Which ones?

You said you did not pick everything because you did not
understand the changes.  How do you expect us to understand the
changes you've picked when you do not document them?


| Not everything was merged, mostly because I couldn't understand the
| details of the changes. So things like the autoconf build mechanism,

I have not brought the Autoconf build machinery forward because I did
not know what "silver" is.  Now, I know what it is; but as you picked
some changes and I cannot find documentation about which changes you
picked from build-improvements, it makes the task harder.


| and the dependencies are not clear. It would help a LOT if you would
| "box up" a changeset against this latest version that added a new
| feature and was well tested.

Please could you give an overview of which changes you pick from which
branch?  I the mail I'm replying to contains some material, but they
are no near anything you would call documentation of changes.


| Now that I've got a version that works I spent some time "opening
| up" the silver code. It lives in parallel on SVN and in a git
| repository. 


-- Gaby

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