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[Axiom-developer] FW: [leo - Help] RE: Importing noweb project

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] FW: [leo - Help] RE: Importing noweb project
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 17:02:58 -0400

I recently posted some messages concerning Leo and Axiom to the
Leo developer forums at SourceForge:

Attached is a reply from Edward Ream, the developer of Leo. I am
planning to setup the kind of example that he requested, but I
would be glad for some help and discussion about this form the
Axiom developers.

Bill Page.

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Subject: [leo - Help] RE: Importing noweb project

Read and respond to this message at:
By: edream

> I have repeatedly advocated the use of Leo as an alternative to
> this traditional approach. Now some of the other Axiom developers
> might finally be listening...

Many thanks, Bill, for this letter.  Leo's noweb support could be a
lot better--Leo needs someone like you who is actually using both noweb
and Leo.  The present code is just 'made up': it kinda does the job,
but I would be happy to change any part of it to suit your needs.
Please do not assume that deep thought has gone into the present code

> When I try to import the Axiom noweb files into Leo I get "odd"
> results.
> I do not see any @ignore directive in the root node following
> import of the noweb file. Nor do I see any generated @file,
> @root or other directives.

I don't remember why this is so, or even if there is a reason. Again,
I have no problem changing how this works.

I would like to suggest the following.  Please send me (or post on
Leo's wiki) a mockup of how you would like Leo to work with respect
to noweb.  Something like this:

- Example noweb source file (it can be as simple or detailed as
  you like)
- The proposed result of the import to noweb command.
- Any other proposals for how Leo could treat noweb more smoothly.

For example there are probably glitches in how Leo writes @file or
@thin trees containing 'real' noweb files.  It may be necessary for
Leo's write logic (in to treat real noweb files a bit
differently from Leo's other noweb markup.  I don't propose such a
change lightly, but it may be worth doing. The designation of a 'real'
noweb file could be done on the basis of file extension or as the
result of something like an @noweb directive.

> Is it correct to assume that you use almost exclusively the
> SourceForge forums (such as this one) and not the email lists?

Correct.  Leo's wiki pages are also sometimes useful, especially for
large hunks of code.  I like to give people a heads up on the SF
forums when I do something on the wiki.

> I have other questions as well concerning customization of Leo's
> parsing and generation of comments in target source languages other
> than Java and C which I have not found answered in the Leo users
> guide or tutorials. But I will save that for another time.

Such questions are welcome.  Please start a new thread for them.


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