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Re: [Axiom-developer] Literate documentation

From: Ralf Hemmecke
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Literate documentation
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 19:49:30 +0200
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I used leo-4-4-3-alpha-2

LEO hangs itself up. I seem to be unlucky.

You must have been feeling "lucky" when you tried this but I am
not too surprised by the result.

When you download something you should keep in mind that "alpha"
usually means that it is a new test version that is likely to
have problems.

Yes, of course. But it seemed a bit odd that developers don't have a good test bed to cover such simple cases. (How many developers are there, by the way?)

I now give up for the second time. The empty line at the end seems not the only problem.

If you like I can send the bug report to to th leo-developers
email list.

Please do. Thanks.

I know that LEO has some good ideas, especially I like the
cloning stuff, but I cannot appreciate LEO not only for the
reason that it doesn't let me import my files.

Let's not give up so easily. :-) If you are sufficiently
motivated to give Leo a serious try with Axiom, I am willing
to work with you (and anyone else) to see how far we can get.

All this bad experience today doesn't turn me completely away from LEO.
I am still in the evaluation phase and reading on without starting LEO.
At the moment I trie to find out whether I can put LEO on top of my current ALLPROSE machinery.

What I actually want to have is something as flexible as emacs and an IDE as eclipse and an outline (LP) support as LEO and good in typesetting as TeX or TeXmacs. Unfortunately there are too many different languages involved to join all the efforts.

Why is nobody investigating how to make a eclipse plugin that supports LP and outlining etc? It seem the industry is not much interested in

1) In contrast to mmm-mode+font-lock in emacs, it doesn't highlight the code appropriately, (in particular Aldor and
LaTeX is not supported and I don't know how to fix that).

I believe that the language awareness is configurable.

Of course. But until I am able to program something reasonable in python, I tend to keep the good stuff I have. Oh, I've seen that there is an (x)emacs plugin. I haven't yet figured out how to start it. Maybe I should download the last stable version.

The idea of writing for human beings is (personal opinion)
a bit blurred. (Don't criticize me. I have not long enough
tested LEO and I believe the "clone" idea is a good one.---
So anyone who says something else is probably right.)

No problem. I think "first impressions" are very important.

Yes. And for psychology tells that it is hard to change the "first impression".

I don't think that I will change too quickly to LEO.

What do you say? Are you willing to give it a try with Axiom?

Surely, yes. But what I am looking for is an IDE that supports writing libraries for axiom. I actually want to implement mathematics myself rather than spending my time on evaluation/implementing the right tools.
But excuse if I will not find much time for LEO in the next weeks.

> I little more than a year ago I did try importing some Axiom
> pamphlet files into Leo. I confirmed what I could do easily
> based on the tutorials but I have not actually completed any
> project using Leo yet.

Ah perhaps you still can help me with a few things.
LEO's file format is .leo. From that it can tangle code files.
I have the impression noweb is not involved in this process, since also the input language and semantics as small differences. What is LEO's actual realtion to noweb? Can I weave to a .nw file or tangle to get a .nw file. I still haven't come across that information.


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